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Ride hundred year old trams through a picturesque forest, at the end of the line (Eilers Oak) there is a picnic area with sale of coffee, soft drinks, etc.
1592 Acting County Sheriff Hilleborg Clausdatter Daa of Hald Len with Mors, Fjends, Nørlyng Herreds and the Tenancy of the Diocese (Stiftets Regnskabslen) Following the death of her husband, Jørgen Skram, Hilleborg Daa took over the administration of the fief.
1610-11 Acting County Sheriff Vibeke Christoffersdatter Gyldenstierne of Tranekær Len with the two Herreds of Langeland Vibeke Gyldenstierne was also known as Viveke Gyldenstjerne, she was widow of Niels Friis, with whom she had 13 children.
1605-35 Joint County Sheriff Else Kristendatter Munk of Løndborg Bispegaard Len Else Munk was given the teantcy for life jointly with her husband, Kristoffer Gersdorf, as security for lones.She was supported regency casino by the Danish king, who appointed her Lensmand (County Sheriff) of the Royal Lands of Dronningholm, and as such she was in charge of local administration.1542-71 Joint County Sheriff Catharine Markvardsdatter Buchwald of Harridslevgård, Denmark Catharine Buchwald was appointed jointly with husband, Jørgen Svave. .She also tried to get her hand on the estates that had been owned by Inger Erlandsdatter Losne, who died, even though it belonged to a branch of the Danish Rosenkrantzer.Was later granted Odense Møntergård for life.After his death she managed to keep most of his tenancies.The local administration and juridical system was in the hand of a royal appointed Lensmand (County Sheriff) who each administered a Len (fief or tenancy).They had the right to appoint the judge (birkedommer) and received the income from the costs of the proceedings and fines.1650 Acting County Sheriff Kirsten Frandsdatter Rantzau af Lunde Sankt Peders Kloster Kirsten Rantzau was widow of Falk Lykke til Skovgård, Bollerup og Gersnæs.She did not have any children, and (d.
After his death, she continued to act as the official local representative of the King of Denmark-Norway.
She held a number of separate estates 1523-24.
1650-51 Acting County Sheriff Jytte Styggesdatter Høeg of Århusgård Len with Hasle, Ning and Vesterlisbjerg Herred Another version of her name was Jutte Høg, and she a cted as administrator of the fief after the death of her husband, Niels Krag til Trudsholm.
These open faced sandwiches of rye bread and butter, comes with as many as 250 different toppings, and are usually finished by some elaborate decorations.
Mother of 2 children, and (d.
1571-72 Acting County Sheriff Beate Klausdatter Bille of Rødinge Len and Frost Herred Len (At the time part of Denmark, now Sweden) Until 1575 County Sheriff of Vissenbjerg Birk Beate Bille was married to Otto Tygesen Brahe, Councillor of the Realm and Fief-holder of Helsingborg.In 1426 she met with the Swedish Council of the Realm in order to secure military help in the war against the counts of Holstein and the following year she met with the Council to discus the war and domestic matters.In 1515 King Christian.1551-52 Acting County Sheriff Sidsel Jensdatter Ulfstand of Kalundborg Len with Arts Løve, Ods Skippinge Herreds and Samsø 1554-circa 75 County Sheriff of Villands Herred in Skåne (At the time part of Denmark, now Sweden) In 1535, d uring the "Fight of the Count" (Grevens Fejde).He was member of a poor noble family and had first been married to Maren Clausdatter (Strangesen widow of G odske Holck.

Zealand danish : Sjælland, 5 ) is the largest island.
She was married to Eske Bille til Svanholm.
1578 County Sheriff Bege Clausdatter Emmiksen of Hundsbæk Len Bege Emmiksen til Damgård was widow of Peder Galskyt (d.