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Spell slots cleric

Ditto with dualwielding which should be extremely obvious.
Note the fortitude save, so more useful on caster types.Cleave - Free attack is very nice, especially for leveling.Tensors Transformation - It seems tempting, but is completely worthless.Like people, gods run the gamut from benevolent to malicious, reserved to intrusive, simple to inscrutable.One note: It is better for you to diversify your spells on a level-basis.
Clerics are one of the original hybrid classes.
You may go Dwarf for flavor under certain conditions, but human is generally better.
Remember, all Evocation spells will get your spell focus bonuses of 2DC early.
It basically adds a lot of bonus HPs and is castable on your party.
Persistent Spell - essential.
Example Diagram: O is you, X are enemies.I only mention spells that are particularly useful or that I have commentary.Short duration, and Death ward provides most of the same benefits for much longer.In Magic the card game, lifegain is twice as powerful as damage.An equal level monk has a 45 chance of resisting your spells.Power Attack - Its a prerequisite only.Spell Penetration Greater Spell Penetration - Very important top online casino list since you rely so heavily on spells for offense.Allows a save, which IS a problem.Magic Missile, casino konto nemid this spell has several advantages: * Since it is only first level, you can memorized several * It gets stronger as your level increases (more missiles per spell) * Guaranteed hits (except for a couple magic resistance enemies).Otherwise, just use battletide.Extended to move it out of the valuable level6 slot.

Collect as many Wands of Fire as you can, since they have the same effect as the Fireball spell.
However, weaponmasters, monks, and rogues will loathe you, since stunning fist, sneak attacks, and huge crit bonuses are completely negated by the Immunity to Crits that it provides.
You must rest successfully for 8 hours before spells will actually be memorized.